I decided to revisit the the topic of procedural generation and music last weekend. I’ve fooled around with it once years ago in an attempt help generate vocal melodies and the results were less than stellar.

This time, my main focus was on bridging the gap between the unique but very random sounding stuff that most music generation tools create and something with hooks and very accessible.

If people are interested I’ll write more about how the songs are generated.
Here are some song-lets that have been generated by the first alpha version. There is an occasional sour bass note, but otherwise I’m happy with the progress so far.

I should point out that these songs were generated without any user input. The melodies, parts, and arrangements were all formed procedurally.

Leave some feedback if you like the songs and some suggestions on how to make the music more realistic.

Interference Without Sunlight
Promises Of Fury
Violent Mistakes
Reasons Are For Losers
Reasons Will Kill You
Soultions In The Closet
Understanding Urges
Abandoned Musings
Abstraction Waits For No One
Forgotten Words

I’ve posted some new songs here